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  About Us:  Owners Kate and Tom are engineers and long-time antiques aficionados.  Kate began collecting engineering and drafting antiques more than 25 years ago. Her store, Technical Collectibles, focuses on fine American made technical design tools and furniture dating to the period between 1850 and 1945. These pieces make elegant and powerful design statements, they offer unique insight into the complexity of the early technical design process and they showcase the extraordinary and beautiful craftsmanship of the period. 

Our customers include accomplished Architects, Engineers, Designers, Interior Decorators and Artists many of whom pride themselves on doing their design work by hand.


Contact Us:  Do you have a question?  Send us an e-mail or give us a call at 775-427-5597 and do leave a message if we don't pick up.  We do try to catch and return most calls.  Please take the time to look at our appraisal policy before you call if your question pertains to valuation.


Appraisal Policy: Sorry, we do not offer free appraisals or answer inquiries regarding valuation, history, age, maker, etc.  Arrangements for formal appraisals may be made in certain limited circumstances.  Formal appraisals are performed on a fee basis.  If you have an item that you would like to offer to us for sale, we ask that you visit our buying and selling page.


FAQ's: (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I purchase an item from you?

Items may be purchased directly using your credit card by clicking on the "Purchase Now" button.  Items may also be ordered by e-mail or telephone and paid for by personal check or money order.  Items paid by personal check will ship promptly following clearance of your check at our bank.  If you prefer to purchase off-line by credit card, we recommend that you send us an e-mail or call first.  Please provide us a phone number and time you can be reached.


I saw a terrific drafting table on your site but it's been sold.  How can I get one like it?

We do maintain a contact list for people looking for specific items.  Let us know what you are interested in and your estimated price range and we will get in touch when something meeting your requirements comes in. 


If I ask to be on your contact list, am I required to provide a deposit or to purchase the item?

We are happy to let you know when inventory comes in.  No advance purchase or deposit is required.


 I'm looking for a special item, but don't see anything like it at your site.  Can you help me find it?

Please ask us about your special interest items.  We maintain a large inventory and not everything is listed on the web site.  We may just have your item in stock.


I am very interested in purchasing a drafting table from you.  Will you hold it for me?

For items priced below $1000, we are happy to place a hold on your item until payment is received.  For items priced over $1000.00, we require a $200 non-refundable deposit.


What is a slide rule?

A slide rule is an elegantly simple mechanical calculator.


I have my dad's (grandpa's, mom's) slide rule, but until recently, I was never very interested in it.  Now I want to understand how to use it. 

You are fortunate to have a great heirloom from a family member.  Unlike many items passed down, you can feel confident that your slide rule was likely used, perhaps many times every day.  If your relative was an engineer or designer, you might be amazed to find out just what that slide rule designed!  All of the significant structures in modern America were designed using slide rules until the early 70's.  These include the Empire State building, the Hoover Dam and the George Washington Bridge. Many of the fine American made English and German slide rules were so beautifully crafted that they are still fully functional.   Please contact us to see if we have an instruction manual for your device or check out our slide rule page.  Also, check out the antique calculator collector's site The Oughtred Society which provides a wealth of great information for collectors and users.


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