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Antique Drafting  Tables

Keuffel & Esser


Frederick Post

A Frederick Post Antique Drafting Table.  Click on this image to vist the Antique Drafting Tables page   

Examples of Fine 19th and 20th Century Americana

A terrific all original Keuffel & Esser American Eagle Antique Drafting Table

An American Classic

This handsome Keuffel & Esser American Eagle drafting table features an original drawing surface and original paint complete with gilded trim.  Dating to around 1915, the piece......(read more)




A Rare Keuffel & Esser Column Indicator style slide rule cursor, circa 1913

Slide Rules - Marvels of Ingenuity

What marvels these little calculating tools helped us create!  Although long used in Europe, slide rules swept into popular use in America around the last quarter of the 19th century.  These extraordinary tools helped to design everything  from railroad steam engines to the first 5 moon shots.  Today......(read more)


Late 19th Century style Drafting Chair




 Drafting Chairs and Stools

Vintage 19th Century drafting chairs and stools are seldom found today.  These workhorses were heavily used, with draughtsmen often sitting 12 to 14 hours a day to diligently generating  the beautiful plans and drawings needed for large scale projects.  With such use, it is not surprising that few survive.....(read more)


Vintage Drafting Chairs

Wooden Chairs and Stools

Metal Stools

A circa 1900 drafting stool.  Click on this image to vist the chairs and lighting page

Antique Slide Rules and Calculation Tools

Slide Rules


An Otis King Cylindircal Slide Rule.  Click on this image to visit the slide rule page

Vintage Drafting Lights

Clamp On


A circa 1930's Eagle Desk Lamp.  Click on this image to visit the chairs and lighting page.

Antique Drawing Tools



An ornate German made drafting pen tip.  Click on this image to visit the drawing and lettering tools page

Decorator's Corner

Interior Design

Antiques for Architects

Antiques For Engineers

A wooden triangle signed and dated 1898.  Click on this image to vist the Designer's Page

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